Ring spotlight camera battery is fogging up and useless in the night

Installed my new ring spotlight camera battery but the camera gets very foggy in the night and pretty much useless when it is supposed to be watching for intruders. Not sure if any one else has found a solution for it. Attaching a picture for your reference.

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Hi @dileepmohanan. Have you tried wiping the surface of the lens off with a dry washcloth to remove any built up moisture or debris? I’d give that a try to see if it resolves the problem of the Camera’s view being fogged up overnight.

I have same problem. Wiping doesn’t resolve it fogging over the night.

Any other options?

Do what divers do with googles, but instead spit on a bit of rag, give it a good wipe…

Having to wipe down the camera every time is a problem for me. My camera is mounted. I paid a lot of money for this camera, this shouldn’t be an issue.