Ring spotlight camera battery is fogging up and useless in the night

Installed my new ring spotlight camera battery but the camera gets very foggy in the night and pretty much useless when it is supposed to be watching for intruders. Not sure if any one else has found a solution for it. Attaching a picture for your reference.


Hi @dileepmohanan. Have you tried wiping the surface of the lens off with a dry washcloth to remove any built up moisture or debris? I’d give that a try to see if it resolves the problem of the Camera’s view being fogged up overnight.

I have same problem. Wiping doesn’t resolve it fogging over the night.

Any other options?

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Do what divers do with googles, but instead spit on a bit of rag, give it a good wipe…

Having to wipe down the camera every time is a problem for me. My camera is mounted. I paid a lot of money for this camera, this shouldn’t be an issue.


I’m very concerned with the trend here. Every serious problem (night lens fogging, reduced siren volume, etc. ) is met with cookie cutter responses from Ring that smell of a brush off. “Give the support team a call”, “have you tried wiping down the lens”? BS like that.

What is the point of this forum really???

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Hi @Byrdman10. This forum is a neighbor-to-neighbor support forum, and not a direct line to support. This is where neighbors can come and join a conversation about their Ring devices. If support is needed, another neighbor or a moderator like myself can offer easy troubleshooting steps to try and resolve the issue. If the concern requires more support than what can be offered in the Community, we’ll suggest reaching out to our support team for more in-depth and personalized assistance. I hope this helps.

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What a disappointment. I recently bought a bunch of ring devices. Went all in. Now I think it was a mistake but I’m stuck. I had a different problem with a camera a few days after installation and ring was absolutely no help. And that was the tech line. Now I’ve just finished reading a bunch of posts about lens fogging (another issue I’m having), and I can see the same pattern. Ring is no help. Funny thing about the fogging is that I have numerous outdoor cams (different types, some wired and some not) but only one battery spotlight cam (of two that I have) seems to have the fogging problem. There is a doorbell cam near it with no issues. More interesting still is that I have a floodlight cam around the corner from the spotlight cam that is near an exhaust vent, which you would think would have a fogging problem, but it’s fine. I don’t expect a solution from ring, just thought I’d vent here. Ring support seems useless. Very disappointing. And I’ve only been with ring for a couple of months now. If only I’d known a couple of months ago what I know now, I would likely have made a different product choice. Sad for them and me….

This is a huge design flaw. The reason the spotlight camera lens fogs up is due to the flat plastic face cover over the lens. That creates an air gap between the actual lens and the clear plastic face plate. When the air temperature falls below the dew point, humidity in the air, and in the air gap between the lens and the face plate, condensation forms on the INSIDE of the face plate because the electronics inside the camera slightly warm the air in the air gap than the outside of the face plate (condensation forms on the warmer, more moist side of the colder surface - that’s why fog forms on the inside of your car windshield in the cold). RainX or other defogging solutions cannot solve the problem because you can only apply defogger on the outside of the face plate. While some condensation forms on the outside of the faceplate and a defogger can provide limited help, it will do nothing at all to reduce or prevent the condensation that forms inside of the face plate. The clear face plate needs to be closer to the actual camera lens, like it is on the wireless Ring Video Doorbell, and/or it needs to have a tiny hole outside of the field of view where moisture can escape and so the air temperature in the air gap can equilibrate with the external air temperature to prevent condensation from forming. The wireless Video Doorbell has a little hole in the face plate. Whether it’s for exactly this purpose or not, it nevertheless fulfills that function, which is why the wireless Video Doorbells are far less likely to (if ever) fog up. As a side note, one of the other Ring Community threads includes a “solution” from one of the Ring staffers suggesting that users can also take their Ring Spotlight camera indoors during inclement weather. Kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? Ring designers - fix the clear faceplate by adding the tiny little air hole and that will solve 90% of the fogging issues with the Spotlight camera. You really should also recall the existing Ring Spotlight cameras and offer a free exchange with ones that have the air hole once you have made that simple design fix.