Ring spotlight cam - wired

Is the power cable hardwired into the Ring spotlight cam - wired or is it detachable to easily run the power cable thru conduit?

Kinda hard to run a 3 prong plug from end to end in conduit or even a small hole in the wall from outside to inside of home.

Hi @jenkinsnmilw. The Spotlight Cam wired has a permanently attached wire. We do have the Hardwire Kit to convert this to constant power. You can find that here. Let me know if this helps!

If I remember correctly when I mounted mine, the back cover of the camera was removable, I remove cover, it was wired up as though it was hardwired, I undid wires, passed it through the wall, reattached wires and mounted camera, this minimizes the whole size to the size of the cable and not the plug.
Remember if the cable comes out through the back cover, to put the cover on before reattaching the wires.
Mine came out through a notch in the side at the bottom.
If you have electrical experience, the plug cable can be removed and the camera can be hardwired directly.
If you take this approach, a waterproof cover can be purchased at your local hardware store, a little silicone sealant can plug the hole at the bottom where the old cable protruded from.

Hi there, neighbors! While we do advice to not alter your existing wire physically, including splicing it in a way not meant by design, there are certainly solutions for this. As @rak7roll mentioned above, the Spotlight Camera Wired component can be replaced or detached for feeding through, however, the prong piece or plug components should not be taken off.

As @Tom_Ring mentioned above, you can also Hardwire your Spotlight Camera, described further in this Help Center article. :slight_smile: