Ring Spotlight Cam Wired and Conventional Flood Lights

I have two conventional floodlights connected to a switch in my garage. I replaced one of the conventional floodlights with a Ring Spotlight Cam Wired. The Ring camera is working just fine without any issues. However, the conventional floodlight connected to the same switch no longer turns on. I was somewhat surprised at this because I expected the conventional floodlight to just remain on since the light switch was turned on and the Ring cam is connected to the same switch.

I was going to purchase a couple of smart bulbs for the conventional floodlight but now I’m wondering why there seems to be no power going to it.

Has anyone had this issue?

Hi @deedub75. This could be due to how your circuit and the Floodlights are wired. They may either in parallel, or in series, which may be the cause for concern. I would suggest reaching out to a licensed and trusted electrician to see why power is not longer being received at your second Floodlight.