Ring Spotlight Cam - Solar Replacement

I will be installing two Ring Spotlight Security Cams to protect our allotment, in areas that are concealed from view and largely shaded from the sun.

We have a shed on the plot with its own 12V power source and WiFi. I am a professional electronics developer, designing complex circuits and systems by trade.

I need to power the cameras from the shed with buried DC feeds to maintain battery charge of the cameras.

Can someone please confirm the acceptable DC voltage range to power the cameras and maintain their batteries? Basically, equivalent to solar panel replacement. I can establish max supply current for myself, but would also be a useful specification.

Thank you.

Hi @BDT. If you have the original Spotlight Cam Battery we do not recommend altering it in any way, as that could void its warranty. Also, this Camera was not made to take any other type of charge other than using a Solar Panel. If you have the newer version, which is called a Spotlight Cam Plus, you can add a Hardwired Kit to it, which will convert it into a Hardwired Camera, and you will not have to worry about charging batteries.

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