Ring spotlight cam setting off motion alert on indoor chimes from after leaving live view.

In other words. If I go to live view from phone app to outdoor spot cam. All is fine till I exit the view. My indoor chimes go off as if the cameras detected motion.

Hey @RobertG! Does this occur each and every time you exit a live view? If you have multiple Ring devices, the first thing I recommend checking is if the motion event came from another device linked to the Chime.

If this concern persists, try removing and reinstalling the app on your mobile device. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

See the captures. It shows motion as soon as I close live view. To get around this I have to turn off motion detection, then I’m free to use live view. Then when I’m done I turn it back on.

Just tried it again. Chimes went off.
I have 2 spot cams, 1 doorbell, 2 chimes. All new purchases. It’s only happening to 1 of the spot cams. I’m not starting over. I have till Jan 30. To replace this spot cam. I’ll try a few more things, then it’s going back. Maybe I’ll switch the 2 outdoor cams and see it the area is somehow causing the motion alert to go off.

That is bizarre…

Does it happen day and night? If night only, was wondering if light or infrared sensors are reflecting off something and causing a motion detection.

Is your firmware “Up to Date” in Device Health?

If firmware is up to date and it happends day or night my bet is that it is defective.