Ring Spotlight Cam Pro Draining Battery

I previously purchased the Spotlight Cam (battery) with solar for my front yard and the alley behind my house a while ago. The light on Spotlight Cam on the alley (that gets the most action) stopped working and unfortunately due to a longer story than is important for this post it was not covered in the plan warranty. I ended up buying the new Ring Spotlight Cam Pro and new solar power (due to the old one not working with the new cam). I charged and loaded two batteries and was good to go.

In May either the cam was sucking more battery than normal or the solar panel was not charging enough. I chopped it up to May gloom. I charged a battery I had for one of my indoor Ring Cams and changed it out for one of the ones in my alley while I charged the second battery. All charged up and ready to go. After a bit, it seemed to suck more battery than it could restore. I turned it off for a few days and it charged back up through the sun. Now it’s doing it again.

I have lowered all the recording settings (I never had to do with my last cam) which means I am missing movement happening on that cam. I even turned the cam off from recording about a day and a half ago. It’s a nice sunny day and when I go to the battery info it has that little sun next to the battery and shows the solar panel is plugged in but the battery levels are not going up.

Hi @Morgan1502. How many recorded events are happening per day? What is the RSSI of the device? Do you have Snapshot Capture turned on? For one day, what is the battery percentage at in the morning, and then in the evening when there is no more sunlight? Thank you for this information.