Ring Spotlight Cam Pro doesn’t work at night

I have a major problem with my spotlight cam pro. My doorbell and camera are linked, so when the doorbell picks up motion the camera light comes on and records - except it doesn’t at night, rendering it pointless because I don’t need a light during the day.

I phoned customer services, they did a firmware upgrade - didn’t work. I phoned again, they sent a replacement. That arrived today, I set it up and have the same issue.

It’s not a Wi-Fi problem as it records linked events fine during the day. It’s not a doorbell issue as I have one of the original spotlight cams also linked and that works perfectly fine day and night.

Ring - can you sort this out?

Hi @Steve_B. This is the Ring Community, where other neighbors, I, or other members of my team can suggest basic troubleshooting steps, tips, and tricks. If you have already worked with our support team, then chances are you have already done the basic troubleshooting steps I or others can suggest. The next best step would be to continue working with our support team. Since this is an ongoing concern, you should be able to escalate this to our advanced technical team to further investigate and assist.

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