Ring spotlight cam plus stopped chiming at door

Hi, I’m a new ring user, I got the spotlight cam plus. We put it up before we connected it and each time we arrived at the front door or left our front door the camera would make an audible chime which I liked. I have now set it up and it works great but the chime no longer is audible at the door, instead the lights on the camera come on and the chime is heard through the app on my phone very quietly whereas before it was clearly audible at the front door. It may be because it is night so the lights are in force instead of the chime. I won’t know until the morning. But I would prefer to hear the chimes audible again at the front door as it shows visitors that they have been detected. I have already got the setting to alert users they are being recorded if I am away from home but does anyone know how to get the cam to chime at the door when there is movement detected. Thanks, and this is specific to the ring of light cam plus.

Hi @user73189. The Spotlight Cam should not be playing a chime or audible alert when motion is detected. The Motion Warning feature plays a message when motion is detected, and this can be toggled on or off. Do you have any other Ring devices, such as a Ring Chime or the Ring Alarm system? Do you have any Alexa devices near your door?