Ring Spotlight Cam Plus Solar mounting issue

I recently purchased the Spotlight Cam Plus (battery powered) with 2nd Generation Ring Solar panel and the Ring branded wall pole mount from Amazon.

Upon attempting to set up the camera with the pole mount I noticed that the plate on the back of the solar panel does not match the mounting plate that came with the camera. I’m aware there are different models of Solar Panels, but according to Amazon I was sent the correct model to match the camera. I searched pretty extensively online and never found a solution. Am I missing something? I attempted to swap the swivel mechanism piece that the mounting plate is a part of but that didn’t work.

I’m lost. Any help would be greatly appreciated :sweat_smile:

Note: Everything came separately from on another

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Hi @rickyleeriley. Can you share pictures of what you are not able to put together for your Solar Panel and Pole Mount? This will help me look into your concern.

Wondering whether you found a solution or just gave up and return both the camera and solar panel I have a very similar problem and can’t find a gutter a way to mount them with a gutter or wall mount. About to give up, fed up with the frustration and name changes so people (including Ring support) can’t even tell what’s what and what goes with what and doesn’t.