Ring Spotlight Cam Plus, Plug-in

I’ve got several Ring products and I’m interested in getting the Ring Spotlight Cam Plus Plug-in. Before I buy, I want to know if it’s possible to adjust the light brightness in the app for the camera. If it’s too bright can the brightness be turned down, can it be turned up if it’s not bright enough. I googled and all I could find was info about the battery version which says the brightness cannot be adjusted on that one specifically, but I can’t find anywhere that says whether or not brightness can be adjusted in the app on the Ring Spotlight Cam Plus, PLUG IN version

Hi @Khalypso1723. For the Spotlight Cam Plus Plug-In, you can adjust the light brightness under Device Settings > Light Settings > Light Brightness. If your device is operated in Battery Mode, the brightness will be lower to conserve battery life.

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Is it also possible to turn off the light by movement under Light settings?

Hi @user63621. If you open your Ring app and navigate to the Light Settings menu using the steps listed above, you’ll see what options are available for your device.

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