Ring spotlight cam out of reach and cant reset

Hello i have a ring spotlight cam that has gone offline but i cant reach it to reset it.
In some instructions it says the following but there is nowhere to choose movement on my app. I have uninstallled and reinstalled the app and there is still no movement choice.

“Spotlight Cam Tap Device Health Tap Change Network Tap Reconnect Then choose Movement or Setup Button Tap Movement to reconnect to wifi if your camera is too high to access the setup button Stand close to your device, within the camera’s field of view. The camera sensor will detect motion and your device will enter setup mode. Tap Continue and follow the prompts in the app to reconnect Once your device is reconnected to wifi (which can take up to 30 minutes), check your wifi signal strength in Device Health under Network”

Hi @Rgood. What type of phone do you have, what OS is installed and what Ring app version is installed? Are you the owner of the Ring account or a Shared User? What specific step or button is missing in your Ring app?

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