Ring spotlight cam not sending notifications

I am having trouble with my ring spotlight cams. At times will not send motion notifications. I have checked all my settings. I get RSSI reading of -60 the other one about the same -58. At times they will go to -62 and -63 however seem to get notifications when they are at that. My router is about six years old. Was maybe thinking about replacing but afraid that might not work. Or is it cameras.

Also wanted to add I can use live video on both works fine. Can also turn on and off light from app

Hi @Knyhus. The RSSI being on the higher end could be impacting notifications, so I’d recommend checking out our Community Post on RSSI here to learn more. However, I’d also suggest checking out these troubleshooting tips for notifications on iOS devices here and Android devices here. I hope this information helps! :slight_smile: