Ring Spotlight cam not recording

WE have two spotlight cams. Both Cameras are missing events. They take the 30 second video then they miss things for extended period. How can I get the entire event?

Good question @lillie123! It sounds like you have the battery Spotlight Cams. There is a setting called Motion Frequency that will help with this.

Visit the Spotlight Cam in your Ring app > select Device Settings > select Motion Settings > select Motion Frequency. This setting will allow for motion to detect back to back, or at a limited rate to preserve battery. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I have a similar issue. Cameras are missing thieves, but constantly capturing my cat and other critters.

I have two spotlight cams covering my driveway, from two angles. The cams missed recording a thief rifling through cars for the second time. To add insult to injury, the camera did turn the spotlight on and record my cat walking up to the empty car with doors and trunk open approximately 15 mins after the thief had left. I was able to catch some “in between” frames if I manually scrub the video, but nothing of the thief going into the car. In a nutshell, the cameras are basically useless.

I typically get constant recordings and notifications of people coming in and out of the residence, which is the same area / path as where the car was broken into, so I really don’t get it. Might it have to do with how slowly they’re moving? Do thieves have some kind of hack to avoid being caught on camera?

Any help appreciated.

Hi @thekeithprice. This could be due to how you have the settings on your Spotlight Cam configured. The two settings that I would adjust first are the Motion Frequency and the Motion Zones. These settings combined can have great results when configured to your environment. I hope this information helps!