Ring Spotlight Cam - Motion Zone points to roof (it appears to be upside down)

Hi. We recently had a Ring Spotlight camera installed and it is mounted over the garage doors. When I went to define the motion zone, the arc goes from the front of the house and then over the top of the roof (instead of pointing out to the street). I was able to select the zone in front of the house by clicking on the blue dots, but now when I look at the birds eye view it doesn’t look right. For example, in the live birds eye view, if I walk away from the garage towards the street, the yellow dots on the birds eye view show me walking on the roof top (i.e. going in the opposite direction vs. where I am really walking).
I deleted the motion zone originally created and created a new one, but still have the same problem. Any suggestions to fix would be greatly appreciated!

Not quite sure what you are describing here. Can you post a picture of how you have the camera installed and also a photo of what the camera is seeing - either from a live view shot, or snapshot?

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