Ring Spotlight cam HELP

Sadly, my spotlight camera is getting triggered every minute even though nothing is there, and nothing is moving. It is now becoming ridiculous.

Can anyone help or advice before I throw it in the garbage.

Hey @Bahamas. Can you share a video example of what this false motion notification looks like? You can share a video URL link by texting or emailing the video when sharing and then copying this link. In addition, you can download the video, compress it into a ZIP file, and then attaching it to your reply here.

In addition, please let us know what kind of Spotlight Camera you have, what you motion settings are set up on, and if you have addition features such as People Only mode and Motion Verification turned on. Hope to hear back from you soon! :slight_smile:


I have the Ring Spotlight cam with motion on. I had to switch off the light as it comes on that much the battery last a week or so.

@Bahamas I definitely cannot see much here, but please note that the Spotlight Cam Battery records based off of how the PIR sensor is triggered. What this means it that it detects heat signatures, such as objects that may get hot during the day. Also, if you have People Only mode turned on, sometimes it is set off from reflective surfaces. Any of the objects on your porch, such as the storage (or maybe that’s a fridge), does it get hot throughout the day? I know as we get into the summer months, you may notice this happening. If you have People Only mode turned on, try trying it off (or Motion Verification), to see if this helps with the false motion detection! :slight_smile:

HI, I have activated people only mode to see if that works. It is very hot here 80oF every day.


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Hi, this ajustment has not made any difference.

@Bahamas Thanks for giving those tests a try! As mentioned before, it may still be some objects in the view that are warming up too much and setting off the PIR sensor. Do you have these false motion alerts throughout the mid day, or all times of the day? Any objects, like the storage or fridge, that heat up enough to possibly read as a body? In addition, did you have People Only Mode turned off and you just turned it on? Or it was on and you have since turned it off?

it happens all day and all night.

It is on the outside wall.

Poeple only was turned off. I turned it on and it made no difference

@Bahamas What is your motion sensitivity at? If you into the Ring app > Main Menu > devices > Spotlight Cam Battery > Motion Settings > Motion Zones (make sure all zones are enabled that you want enabled) > on the second screen, if the sensitivity is closer to MAX or above the middle section, please try bringing it down to MIN all the way, or lower. If it’s already at MIN, please send me a screenshot of this so I can look into this further. :slight_smile: