Ring spotlight cam doesn’t work with right hand battery

Ring spotlight cam does not work on the right hand battery compartment,only the left. Any ideas why this is? Is it a simple solution or is the right hand battery compartment faulty?

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I have been having this same issue for quite a while. We changed the solar panel out and still the same issue. It’s aggravating. I spent a nice little church getting these cameras all around our property. Please straighten this out Ring!

As we are fellow users no one in these forums are going to “straighten this out.”
Report it to Support ( Contact Us – Ring Help) and if they don’t have a solution at least it will be noted. If enough users report the issue then Ring Devs might take note. 2 random postings in an unmonitored forums isn’t going to get any changes made.

Hi neighbors! Can you please provide more information regarding what you mean by the right-hand battery compartment not working? Do you mean that the Spotlight Cam isn’t registering a second battery in the right-hand compartment, or do you only have one battery installed in the right-hand compartment and the Spotlight Cam won’t power on? Feel free to attach any screenshots that show what you’re seeing in the Ring App.