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First, I had a Ring video doorbell pro which I recently trashed. I had it for a year and had nothing but problem after problem. I never checked reviews on the doorbell. The Ring spotlight cam had good reviews from what I could find. So I installed a Ring spotlight cam battery. So far it has been functioning beautifully. The infrared night vision is not that great but at least it works unlike my doorbell. I am curious about battery life from people who have the battery device. I am using 3-6% per day. There is no way 1 battery will last 6-12 months. I know there are multiple options to save battery life. Anyone have any tips on what works best for them? Thanks.

Hello, @fredpreed ! How are you? Congrats on your new Spotlight Cam :slight_smile:

So, how many motion alerts are you receiving per day? Battery life is definitely contingent on the number of alerts you receive… as well as a few other things, outlined in this article.

I’m in a city and getting about 8-11 alerts per day… plus, I’m constantly checking Live View (always looking for my online shopping orders :dizzy_face:) Therefore, I DO have to charge my battery more often. My dad, on the other hand, lives in a more quiet cul-de-sac and has his device last him 6+ months… Let me know how many alerts you’re getting per day and what your normal activity is like per day and we’ll be sure to shed some light on the situation and help however we can!

I am doing great. Thank you. Sorry for the delayed response. I did not receive an e-mail when you responded. I’ve had my spotlight cam for about 11 days now and am at 71% battery life with only one battery in the cam. I live in a cul-de-sac with lots of kids on the block. Motion alerts vary from day to day. On average, I’d say 20. I have the motion zone out to about 3/4. Most if not all other settings save battery life…I think. I was thinking of trying a motion schedule. Whatever tips you have would be great. Thanks for your time.


Hey @fredpreed. Chiming in for Jennifer here! A motion schedule would be a great idea to limit notifications, but you may want to even “Disarm” your camera during times that you are home and do not see the video recordings, as the limited amount of activity should help out greatly with the battery life. In addition, if you’re noticing cars or other things further out setting off the camera when you do not see it to, you can reduce your Motion Zones by turning the slider down closer to MIN in your Motion Settings.

In addition, please try to be on Standard for Motion Frequency if you are not already. Having 20 or more events in a day is double the “normal” amount of activity, which is about 10 events a day, so they could be why you’re seeing the battery start to drain a bit quicker. Also, for the Spotlight Cam Battery, I recommend having two batteries in, especially with the kind of activity you get. I foresee you having to charge the battery every 1-2 months with the current settings you have, and having another battery and potentially lowering it even more should help double that so you’re more in the every 2-4 months range, or more! You can also install a solar panel as well if it’s in an area that gets 4-6 hours of direct sunlight as well, as this will push out the time in between charging.

Feel free to share any changes you make and how it works for you, would love to hear the good news and what you do with it! :slight_smile:

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