Ring Spotlight Cam Battery lights won't stay off when turned off in Ring app

I installed (3) Ring Spotlight Cam Battery cameras and the lights come on whenever motion is detected, even when the lights are turned off in the Ring mobile app. Obviously, the default feature is that the lights turn on when motion is detected.
This is very frustrating because my cams are battery powered and the lights are coming on too often during the day when not needed, causing my dual batteries to wear down quickly at my remote location.
I can’t be there to change batteries every 3-4 days and don’t have A/C power at the cam location, so I need the battery model. The only way I could stop the lights from coming on was to disable the motion detection. Of course, that makes the camera useless because then it will miss everything that happened.

Simple, I don’t want my cam lights coming on all day long wearing down my batteries, but I wouldn’t mind if they came on at night, when they would be useful. Why can’t they have a light sensor keeping them off unless it’s dusk or dark?
I can turn the lights off in the Ring app, if they’re on during “live view”, but they will keep coming on by themselves every time motion is detected, even in bright sunlight! So annoying.
I had to resort to buying a solar panel to power one of them, as a test, and that has made my batteries last about 2 weeks. Not bad, but i only go there once a month, so it still dies on me. I guess I need a bigger solar panel with higher charging watts? But I’d prefer to not have to install solar panels , that my homeowner’s association doesn’t like.
Why can’t the motion detection work without turning on the lights?

Hi @snappers. When motion is detected, the lights on your Spotlight Cam should only turn on when it is dark. If your lights are active during the day, then try the following steps:

You should also be able to disable the lights from activating with motion by going to your Light Settings for your Camera and turning off Motion- Activated Lights. If you have tried these steps and are still having the same concern, give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here for further assistance. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

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