Ring Spotlight Cam and Modes


New Ring user. Just installed the Ring alarm, 3 contact sensors, motion detector and Ring battery powered spotlight cam.

Using Modes, we are able to turn off all of the contact sensors and the motion sensor, but it will not let me turn off the Spotlight Cam. The camera is facing out over our back deck, which we use often and usually daily and nightly. Now it goes off all the time, and is constantly recording my family (in 30 second intervals), which is not what we want. We only want it to activate on certain modes, not when the alarm is disabled.

I understand that it has a snooze function, but that is not what I want. We generally spend all day in/around the pool and deck, and I don’t want to have to snooze anything to do so.

Also, the scheduling is not an option either, our schedule is never consistant.

Welcome to the Community, @RingUser02541! It sounds like you’ve explored all the available options with modes. Disarmed mode will be of the best use for this scenario as it gives the option to disable motion detection and live view. If you are not seeing your Cam added to this mode, please try the following:

  • From the Ring app dashboard, open the main menu (top left)
  • Select “Settings” from this menu.
  • Select “Modes”
  • Select “Disarmed”
  • Next Choose “Cameras” and select which devices you want included in the mode.
  • Finally, choose which options you’d like to disable in this mode.

Also, with the modes feature comes the Record Motion toggle. This toggle will allow you to quickly and easily disable motion recording. If a combination of the various settings available in the Ring app do not obtain the functionality you are looking for, feel free to add a feature request in our Community Feature Request board, which we continuously share with our teams here! :slight_smile: