Ring Spotlight Being Triggered Repeatedly

My Ring Spotlight Camera has started to be repeatedly triggered at night. 20+ recordings occur each evening, and the only thing seen is an occasional bug! This has only started about 3 weeks ago, and is very annoying! I have the sensitivity set at minimal. I have also tried “resetting” the unit by cutting off the power overnight, then turning it back on in the morning. I’ve cleaned the area, sensor, and camera, but to no avail. HELP PLEASE!!!

Hi @VIRAGOXV. How high is the Spotlight Cam mounted and is the bubble on the bottom parallel to the ground? These placement details are paramount to the Spotlight Cams ability to optimally detect motion. This Help Center article here has some tips for correctly positioning your cam.

Also, cutting the power to your cam is what we call a “power cycle”. This is a great troubleshooting technique! To reset the Spotlight Cam, you’ll need to press and hold the setup button for 20 seconds, then release. After that is complete, you’ll need to reconnect the cam to wifi. I hope this helps!