Ring spotlight battery solar charger

Hello. I recently bought a solar charger for my spotlight battery cam. The installation video on YouTube shows a weatherproof connected that screws in the cam and seals it. My panel did not come with this connector (is this a mistake?) and the solar panel is not charging the cam. It’s been 4 days and plenty of sun. I’ve checked device status at various times and it always says solar not connected.

Hi @smellysnelly2017. Would you be able to share the link to the YouTube video? That would help me understand what peice you are referring to. Also, the barrel plug must be pushed into the Spotlight Cam completely, until you hear it “click” into place. Try unplugging in and plug it back in all the way, ensure you can hear the barrel plug make a solid connection. Once that is complete, let me know if you see the Solar Status for your Camera update.