Ring Spotlight Battery Cam often does not detect motion or send motion notifications

Hi All,

I have just had a Ring Spotlight Battery Cam installed professionally in. Sometimes it detects motion and sends motion notifications but it often does not. This seems to be worse at night but also happens during the day. Sometimes at night it gives a very delayed notification e.g when you are walking away but more often doesn’t respond at all. I have set motion sensitivity to the maximum but this made no difference. Setting the motion detection to frequent helps a bit but motion is still often not detected. The spotlight cam is 8.77 meters from the router and is mounted in front of the garage. The router is indoors. I tested the wifi by holding my mobile right next to the camera and switching off the 4G mobile data. The download speed is 164 mb/s, the upload speed 29 mb/s and the ping is 24 miliseconds. I am able to play you tube movies with no problem at all right next to the spotlight camera. Also I have a smart alarm from another manufacturer with a PIR at the back of the garage which is further away from the router and it works fine consistently.
The camera is working fine off this wifi as I can view live camera every time and consistently.
The only issue I can see is that in Device health the signal strength varies between RSSI -64 to RSSI - 68. My router was installed by BT in September 2021. I would have difficulty moving the router closer to the camera as it is connected to a white box on the wall that BT installed. How can I get this camera’s motion detection working consistently please? Any help and advice much appreciated.

I should add that I have just checked the motion notifications at night again and it does not work.
Moreover, the Signal Strength is worse at RSI - 71 or RSI - 72.
The strange thing though is that I still have live view from the camera and I also can run a youtube video on my mobile right next to the camera with mobile data switched off.
Any advice very much appreciated.

Hi @Jogey. It sounds like there could be some wifi interference at play, possibly due to some of the materials around where the Spotlight Cam is installed since you mentioned it is in front of the garage. Additionally, it is a bit far from the router, as we typically recommend your Ring Cameras or Doorbells be no more than 20-25 feet from the router at most, which is roughly 6-7 meters. An RSSI of -71 does indicate some performance or connectivity concerns, such as appearing to detect motion late or send notifications late. I would also recommend reviewing the placement and positioning of your Spotlight Cam to ensure it’s placed optimally, as mounting it too high can impact its ability to detect motion as well. I hope this information is helpful. :slight_smile: