Ring spot light cam wired. United kingdom

I am looking to purchase a ring spot light cam wire.
Does the cable disconnect from the camera to feed the cable thru a wall?
If not can you cut the plug off the cable and feed it thru the wall as another option?
Many Thanks David

Hey @DavidOakley. The Spotlight Cam Wired’s cable is connected directly to the cam on one long cord and cannot be removed to feed the cord through. The cord will come as is and is not detachable! Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Hi Chelsea.
If I was to cut the plug off the cable, feed the cable thru the wall, then reconnect a plug back on, would this void the warranty?
I’m just trying to achieve putting the camera up without seeing any cables, as this will look much better.

Many thanks

David Oakley

@DavidOakley I do not recommend this but it is completely up to you as a consumer! You can also hire an electrician to do this as well since it deals with wiring. You can learn more about your warranty here, but we do have a line that states what your warranty does not cover which is “Damage from unauthorized service or modification of the product or of any furnished component will void this warranty in its entirety.”

Hi Ring,

It may state that in the warranty line, but I totally agree if there is a modification to the main camera unit, the warranty should be void. However, cutting the wire is not an uncommon practice; in the Spotlight Cam Wired it only has a live and neutral wire - hiring an electrician is a bit excessive? Ring should be more concerned about giving customers free rein to paint the wire whereby a multitude of unknown exterior grade chemical paint additives (unlikely all having been through a wire durability test) could result in deterioration of the wire over time.

Anyhow, it isn’t helped by Ring that in the UK, customers cannot purchase the otherwise suitable “Spotlight Cam Mount” where many UK customers wish to replace an existing exterior light and utilise the existing 240v feed cables that come through the wall. The Floodlight cam is excessive for my application. As I have many Ring devices and Ring should consider and be grateful that customers expand on their Ring ecosystem, Ring does not leave me any option but to cut the wire (as again, Ring does not support the UK market with a Spotlight Cam Mount).

I purchased a “Dahau PFA134 cctv” junction box mount to house the electrical terminal block to join the wiring from the Ring to the house wiring, modified the junction box (4 screw holes) to attach the a Ring Spotlight Cam mounting plate and fully sealed/waterproofed the junction box.

It is the only way that I could mount a Ring Spotlight Cam Wired to my house electrical wiring whilst maintaining a reasonably acceptable aesthetic appearance (no dangling wires to an external power socket or having to drill an extreme 2" hole through the wall just to feed a UK plug completely through it).

Ring should really approach this with some common sense and logic, even if it’s a case by case basis.

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It’s madness not being able to have some sort of socket or an easy way to disconnect the wires. Ring are never going to tell you to cut the plug off so you can feed the cable through but that’s exactly what I did. I then wired it directly to isolation board.

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Does the spotlight cam connect via a transformer? Given it can be battery powered I suspect it might, so I worry about cutting the wire so can hardwire into my current outside junction box?

No, the camera mains cable is a fixed 2-core cable with a moulded UK 3-pin plug. No separate external transformer.

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Great so in theory can just chop the wire and hardwire directly into the mains

Yes, I’ve had to do that as Ring leaves no other choice for UK customers to wire it to a junction box with standard UK mains voltage.