Ring spare pares gen 2 doorbell not in stock in uk but available everywhere else!

Spare Parts
Video Doorbell (2nd Gen)
Have been out of a stock in uk for months. When I rang for help I got got to Homebase or Amazon for the security screws which by the way are not available at either as they are not original screws! So some help the phone line is. I also got the excuse of they are out of stock due to a global shortage which is rubbish as they are available in all over the world on all the other ring sites except the uk. I could buy them if in America or eu but not uk.
Please tell me why I am paying for this each month? I’m cancelling my subscription and advise everyone else to do so also because unless parts are available I may as well chuck-it in the bin! If ring doesn’t want uk customers there are plenty of uk owned video doorbell companies that do!
My 80 year old mother has this for security and it’s useless without the security screws you can’t buy anywhere because they are either too long to big or in the case of today to small. None of the recommended retailers had the right size not one. So get your finger out ring get the parts back in uk site or be honest you don’t want our custom. And leave vulnerable people without door camera security. And don’t give the rubbish line global shortage I’m not stupid I do research these ring two parts have been out of stock for nearly a year in uk but available everywhere else. We will be letting trading standards know also as you keep selling these units with no availability for parts.

Ring still no where to be seen they don’t give a toss about customers!
Passing it to trading standards!
Been nearly a year they haven’t had spare parts In!!
Not good service once this camera dies going elsewhere other companies support their customers.