Ring Solar Panel no longer working

My solar panel for my Ring Stick up camera is showing as not connected, it has been in full sun for several days, it was working previously in similar conditions, but it is no longer working. I have checked the connection and cleaned the surface. The solar panel for my back yard camera is working in similar conditions, but the front one no longer works

Just for testing, can you swap the solar panels, front to back, vice versa?
If it still doesn’t work for the backyard, or the front camera doesn’t charge, you might want to contact Ring Support for replacement options, if any.
Contact Us – Ring Help

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Thanks, I did think about that, but the problem is that I am a widow living alone and swapping the two solar panels is a big undertaking with difficult access. I need to borrow a large ladder to get access to one and climb up on the roof to access the other. Not a simple exercise.

Hi @KADuffy. Swapping the Solar Panels is a great testing step to determine if the problem is with the Solar Panel itself or possibly the Camera. Since you have to borrow a ladder to access your Solar Panels and devices, I might recommend calling our support team when you have the ladder in hand or someone with a ladder that is able to assist. That way our support team can assist with guiding you through the troubleshooting while you have the ladder as needed.