Ring solar panel & no drill mountb

Hi everyone, I’m new here. Just double checking, I’ve a Ring wireless video doorbell that I paired with the no drill mount (since I’m renting my property). I bought the solar panel to charge it but realize it’s incompatible with the no drill mount, is that correct? Has anyone found a way to use both the no drill mount and the solar panel? Thanks!

Hi @rebecca7w. You are correct that the Solar Charger for the Video Doorbell cannot be used alongside the No Drill Mount. I do understand this is inconvenient, especially in the case of renting or not wanting to drill holes in the wall. Other neighbors may chime in if they have figured out a DIY way to use both accessories. However, I do want to let you know that dismantling your device will void the warranty, so keep that in mind when looking into any DIY solutions. :slight_smile: