Ring slows down rest of the WiFi


Our internet service is poor as we average an upload speed of about 1.25Mpbs. We have recently purchased a Ring Indoor Cam and I understand that they require atleast 2Mbs of upload speed to work effectively. Whenever we do access the live feed from the app, the rest of our internet significantly slows down (the download speed). Is this because of our upload speed being slower than recommended? Thanks

Good question @JSmith19! Adding a new device to your wifi network can certainly show a behavior of dedicated resources from your router. Many households will already feature several wifi enabled devices before the addition of a Ring device. Mobile devices, televisions, computers, accessories, and even hi-tech appliances might be using your wifi resources. Adding a audio/ video streaming device such as a Camera, means that the 1.25 Mbps of wifi resource is going to be shared among all of those devices.

Increasing speeds, improving router model/ settings, and avoiding distance or interference will help to optimized wifi signal for the whole home. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: