Ring siren power requirements?

Is there any benefit to having the D batteries in the siren if also running a quick release battery pack and hardwired?

My siren is going in a hard to reach place outside so want to try and make sure i avoid any possible battery changes fir a very long time!

Or would putting all three power sources in there be best???

You MUST have the D-Cell batteries installed, the siren will (apparently) not work without it.

I have all three power options installed.
You can just have either D-Cells with AC adapter or D-Cells with battery pack installed, but there are negatives to both:
Battery pack only; dawn to dusk option available, but not recommended as the battery pack only lasts a week.
AC Adapter only; Dawn to Dusk feature goes down if the power goes out as there is no backup battery.
Dawn to Dusk is not available with just D-Cells.

I suggest all three, that way your alarm system looks powered at night even when there is a power outage. Your quick release battery will always be fully charged and ready to take over if there is a power cut. Even if the power was out for a week, the D-Cells will be there to take over from that if it discharges fully…

I have had a Outdoor Siren installed with all three power options for 6 months now, the D-Cells are still showing fully charged.

Thats what i was thinking so thank you!

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