Ring sensors in the car within wifi range

First question is I read a blog back in 2020 about Ring alarm for cars, but I can’t find the product. Is it still available?
If not, Can I place motion detector inside my vehicle in the parking lot where same wifi signal as base and keypad is available? Maybe also glass sensor?
Because I read some people saying that the PIR detection doesn’t work through the window, which I think will be perfect to place it inside the vehicle. Then, it won’t be set off by the people walking around the car, but only when they get inside the car. I have a extra car that often just sits on the parking lot sometimes for few weeks. and it has been broken into few times in the past. Mostly quick break windows grab and go, but because I don’t find out about it till next morning, there are second, third waves of thieves comes by and take whatever the first thieves left behind.
or does ring have shock sensor? or even better, can I set it so that when I set the alarm to home, or away, it will activate the sensors in the car to not call monitoring center, but only set off siren locally and sends me notification? While the rest of the house sensors will notify the monitoring center like how it is now?
or would I need or better to get seperate ring base unit just for car?
Car factory alarms don’t trigger unless door is opened, and I thought this might be cheaper(just need to buy sensor) way than professionally installing vehicle alarm with glass sensor, shock sensor, 2 way paging, internet connectivity subscription… etc… seperately on multiple cars.
any ideas?