Ring Security System First Alert ZWave Smoke Detector

I purchased the ring security system along with First Alert smoke detectors back in January. We really enjoyed our doorbell and thought we’d replace our old ADT system as well. Setup and connection of all the device and smoke detectors was quick and easy, everything has been working great after being setup in January.

Fast forward to May/June and one of our downstairs smoke detectors went off. The fire department came and checked out everything , no smoke or fire in the house. We were told sometimes air particles can trigger a false alarm with smoke detectors.

Fast forward to last night and now the upstairs smoke went off at 2:30am. I checked out the house and I could find no issues. While at work today the downstairs alarm went off again, checked with my wife, and it appears another false alarm.

The hardware has only been installed since January, we do have the windows open for fresh air. Would it seem that there could be particles floating around that throws these into a false alarm? Are we looking at a hardware issue? We are kind of losing confidence in the system especially after waking up the whole house at 2:30 in the morning. I realize this may be more of an issue with the smoke detectors and probably less of an issue with the Ring hardware.

In my house I had one smoke detector (not connected to Ring) that would go off. I finally determined it was in an area where particles could accumulate as there was no movement of air in that location.
I now have a Ring/First Alert smoke detector and haven’t had any of the issues you’ve had.