Ring Security - Prevent Wifi Jammer

With recent so many news articles on theft defeating the system using WIFI Jammer. Can Ring Alarm kick off alarm distress? For example, when the system is alarmed, and all sudden loss connection to all sensors. Kick off alarm? I understand that loosing signal to sensors sometimes happens. But, chance of loosing all sensors at once is unlikely. That would be a good indicator wifi jammer is detected.

Hi @John9988. Like many other smart devices, Ring devices may be affected by illegal targeted attempts to interfere with their wifi connection. If you have any concerns with network security, we always recommend following up with your internet service provider. However, I do want to clarify that the Ring Base Station communicates to the Alarm Sensors using Z-Wave, not wifi. You can learn more about Z-Wave here.

There has been discussion for years about WiFi jamming, disruptions an/or interference. The simple solution is a “push” notification in addition to the idle red exclamation :exclamation: next to a device on the app.

Ring is a security device at min for residential homes. An effective and timely notice of integrated cameras going offline is essential. Without these notices, the product is greatly diminished.

Why has there not been an update to date from Ring?

Maybe a ring alarm trigger if wifi goes out from Ring alarm pro.