Ring Security Killing my Internet Speeds

I do not use the security system during the day at all. Ever since I hooked it up to my ethernet though, it is really killing my Internet speeds which I need for work. Is there any way to turn off access to the Internet during the day?

Do you have cameras or just the alarm system? The cameras do use quite a bit of network. If no cameras, it could be an IP conflict. Are you using DHCP to assign the IP address?

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No, I have no cameras, just the security system with motion detectors and door open alerts. What do you mean by IP conflict?

Hi @Hnydam! This should not happen at all, especially since the Base Station really only communicates emergency and check in events between your other Alarm devices, and the Base Station is the only component that communicates with your wifi network. The radio frequency connecting to all of your other Alarm devices is different than wifi and should not interfere. Try connecting the Base Station via ethernet to see if this helps! :slight_smile: