Ring security devices all offline after brief power glitch

After a power outage of a couple of seconds overnight, both keypads on Ring security disconnected during the night. I was able to arm and disarm in the app. In the morning, ALL the other devices (extenders, sensors,detectors) went offline in sequence. I have cellular backup with extra data and two fully charged battery packs. The system was installed 2 months ago, all new equipment. All tech support could say is it might be software related. Had to remove all devices, take them “close to base”, remove z wave, factory reset every piece (which has to be done through the app, which none of the documentation clearly states). This is utterly ridiculous. If I had been away, the house would have been totally unprotected for the duration. Why doesn’t this system automatically reset and reconnect when it has battery and cell backup? This needs immediate attention from someone who actually knows how to program.

Hi @user61580. This is not what would typically happen in the event of a temporary power outage. Your Ring Alarm components, such as the Keypad and sensors, should have remained connected the whole time as they do not utilize wifi, they utilize Z-Wave to connect to the Base Station. With a Ring Protect plan, you’ll also have Cellular Backup in the event of a power or wifi outage so your Base Station remains online. If your system is back up and running now, I would recommend keeping an eye on it and following up with our support team if you continue to have any connectivity issues.

I have this same issue. Devices won’t reconnect - base station is hardwired and it is the only device online. All other devices went off in sequence and it looks like I would have to remove and reconnect them to get them to work. I spent quite a bit for this system and now am concerned I can’t rely on it, or the cellular backup because all the devices disconnected randomly?

Hi @user62157. As I mentioned, this isn’t typical behavior for the Ring Alarm or its components. The Ring Alarm components, such as Contact Sensors and Motion Detectors, utilize Z-Wave to connect to and communicate with the Base Station. Temporary wifi our power outages shouldn’t impact this connection. Please reach out to our support team for further help with this, as a member of our Ring Alarm team can take a look at things more closely.

if you have alarm pro base station, press/release its reboot for 1 sec.
after that wait for 2-3 mins, open and close the door it should chirp