Ring security cams are problematic

Issues I have:

  1. wifi connection drops for no reason regularly.
  2. Ring automatically updates firmware. I have no control to stop it.
  3. During firmware updates, my cameras (4) drop offline.
  4. To re-connect cameras to network, I must push and hold the external reset button on the camera
  5. If your internet service drops offline. Security cameras NEVER re-connects.

camera locations : at each corner of the house.
Camera height from ground : 14 feet
Cameras purchase date : December 2019

Typical correction steps :

  1. get 14’ ladder
  2. Use ladder to reach each camera
  3. Depress rest button 20secs (while on ladder)
  4. wait for " welcome to ring …please follow directions for new devices"
  5. i use my mobile phone to re-connect camera for my wifi.
  6. follow instructions on phone
  7. wait 15 minutes to firmware update to complete
  8. repeat steps 1-7

Timeline :
December 2019: install ring security system + cameras
Jan 2020 - Oct 2020 (2nd week): no issues
Oct 2020 (3rd week) - Jan 2021: cameras go offline regularly

Ring support :
these guys are robots. these guys read from a script.
(i called them 5 times)
support always say its a network problem.
Support states moving cameras closer to wifi hub.
(note: camera is promoted as external usage)

W hat is the problem :

  • ring does not believe a problem with connectivity in their security cam product.
  • There is no way to re-connect to wifi network with out going to camera and depress the reset button. If camera is outdoors, you will be using a ladder everytime.
  • ring pushes out firmware updates whenever and does not allow customer to control whether to schedule or reject firmware updates.
  • opinion: wifi receiver on camera is poor quality.

Ring products that work good :
front doorbeli cam
door/window sensors
security panel
ring phone app
motion detectors
security system

Ring product not worth buying :
chimepro network
chimepro network extenders
security cameras (in its present product form)

My comments :
at this point you think I am a disgruntled customer.
i am not.
I enjoy the ring experience.
However, there is a product problem with the security cameras when used outdoors and attached to the house.
I do not want to go up/down a ladder everytime when my cameras loose wifi.
I did not sign up for this kind of post buy product maintenance.
There are many conversations on the internet regarding ring camera wifi issues.
I spent $300+ (range extender, cables, materials) to increase my wifi coverage and the cameras still went offline.

Interestingly the doorbell product ALWAYS re-connects automatically but the cameras do not re-connect automatically (cam division needs to talk to doorbell division).

If you are reading this and your cameras have unstable wifi (especially if outdoors) please like or reply to post. ring needs to take a serious look at the security camera.

who has better cameras: Arlo

–flame off!!!


Interesting I was looking into getting outdoor cam but the reviews on Amazon are not good, most people said that they are not waterproof and fog up, that shouldn’t be happening with such an expensive camera. I will give Arlo a go👍

This call was a response to a number of problematic and potentially harmful incidents, including larger concerns about Ring ’s security and reports that employees were fired for watching customers’ videos. Now, pupilpath Ring is finally taking a necessary step—making sure that the transmission of footage from your Ring camera to your phone cannot be viewed by others, including while that footage is stored on Amazon’s cloud.