Ring security cameras do not work with CarPlay

Ring security cameras do not work with CarPlay.
I was recently burglarized. By the time my alarm went off the burglars were already inside my house and stole $25,000 of jewelry and other property. I thought it was a good idea to invest in RING security floodlight cameras to protect my home before the burglars could enter. I purchased two Ring Floodlight security cameras and had them installed. They do work well, except for one major glitch! The Ring app will not send push notifications or other alerts to your iPhone when using CarPlay. So if you are in the car using Carplay, and someone is prowling around your house trying to break in, you will not receive any type of notification until after you disengage CarPlay! By then it will likely be too late. I brought this issue up with Tech Support at Ring and they confirmed that indeed no notifications or alerts can be received if you are using CarPlay. The Tech told me that this is an issue created by Apple that does not allow other developers to work with their iOS. I have a Residio alarm system that allows me to alternate between push notifications and text message notifications. Apple CarPlay cannot prevent text messages from coming through, so that is an alternative solution for the Resideo alarm system. I brought this up with Ring, and they told me that they would consider adding text message notifications as well as push notifications. In the meantime neighbors, be advised, you will not receive push notifications or alerts while using CarPlay. So much for “always home!”

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Thank you for posting this, I googled my issue and I feel someone better knowing that someone else has reached out about this problem. It seems like every time I’m driving with carplay, I miss something important on my ring app and it makes life unnecessarily difficult!

Hi @Lou1956. I’m sorry to hear what happened regarding the burglary and your jewelry. We have heard feedback from other neighbors regarding some compatibility or settings available for CarPlay and the Ring app, which you can find in this feature request. We use the Feature Request board as a way to gather the feedback we see on the Ring Community in order to share it with our teams here. I’m going to mark this reply as the solution, that way other neighbors who would also like some functionality with CarPlay can locate the appropriate feature request. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience and feedback here.