Ring security camera not connecting to wifi

hi there, i have had to call Ring as the camera was not connecting to wifi and it kept going round in a loop, we got it connected and it worked perfectly for 2 hours then disconnected and has done the same since with the loop and not connecting.
I called again and they said to take the camera back to the store and replace it with another one.
I purchased this yesterday but I cant see why it would be the camera if it worked for 2 hours.
I have an android phone and the wifi router is about 6 feet away from the camera.
I am new to Ring and so not sure about how this stuff works but I have to networks with virgin, one is 2.4gh and i also have a 5g, i can see that i’ve setup ring with 2.4gh and I also have the ring on this network, well when it was connected. I’ve also done a factory reset, restarted my router but no joy.

Hi @LcKc63. Thanks for letting us know you’ve reached out to support about this concern before. Did you try any troubleshooting steps with our support team when you were on the phone with them? The first thing to check whenever your Ring device is not maintaining a connection to wifi is the RSSI, which you can read more about in our Community post here. The RSSI is how your RIng’s connection to wifi is measured, and a high RSSI can indicate an unstable connection which could cause your Camera to disconnect from wifi.

WOW! You were actually able to TALK with someone??? 45 minute wait when I called!