Ring Security Cam Wired

Does the cam have to be plugged in on an outside outlet or can it be run through a garage door?

On the pic that I have attached - I highlighted roughly where the cam will go.

The picture is not very clear, but it looks like you have a flat surface running beneath the soffit, the board above the garage door and brick. I would mount a junction box there to mount the device, it will be well protected from the weather and still give a good view. Then run the wire up through the soffit and then down into the garage. Just a thought. Might also look cleaner.

IMHO, running wire through a garage door is never a good idea, risking the door chaffing the wire. And it does not look great.

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I will definitely look into that. Thanks!!

I’m replacing an old camera to the floodlight camera. As you can see in the photo, the white wire is with the red and the black wire is with the white. What I did is used the black wire that is attached to the green and black, while the white with the white and red. As soon as I turn the breaker on,it didn’t work. What do you suggest to do next?