Ring Security Cam configured with Battery - Purchased Solar Panel

I purchased the Ring Spot light Security Camera that is powered by battery. I now purchased the compatible Solar Panel to help keep this charged, however, it appears that once I plugged this in, it’s not working?? Also, the video instructions show an adapter that will be screwed into the 2 small holes where the solar panel plugs into. I did not receive that to help secure the plug in either the Spot light camera or the Solar panel.

Do I need to make any configuration changes, as the setup for this Spotlight camera asked if battery or solar panel?

Please help.

Thank you.


Make sure to completely charge your camera’s battery via USB cable to start with.
Then when inserting the plug from the solar panel into the camera you need to be sure to apply firm (hard) pressure to make sure it is inserted completely. Sometimes you’ll even hear a click.