Ring Security Alarm

Hi. I live in Australia and have been looking for the Ring Security Alarm System. I read that it can only be used in certain locations of the world. Is it possible for me to buy it and monitor it myself instead of getting a Ring plan? And if not, what are the reasons why?? And when would it be available in Australia?

Hi @Dustin09. Thank you for showing interest in the Ring Alarm! The Ring Alarm is a wireless system that utilizes a radio frequency known as Z-Wave. This frequency is slightly different depending on the region it’s used in. This is because different regions utilize different radio frequencies for different things. Using a device that is not designed to be used in your region could adversely impact the radio frequencies that are also on that wavelength. It is for this reason, I would not recommend using the Ring Alarm in Australia. You can always use our Feature Request Board to see if this is something that can be brought to the AU market. I hope this information helps!