Ring says my email address is already in use

I have just bought a Ring doorbell for the first time. I downloaded the app and went to set an account up. It said that email address is already in use. I have never set an account up for this.

I reset the password and and accessed the account. The name on the account is someone I have never heard of. There was an iPhone registered to the account today (my own phone) but also an iPhone 4S in 2019. I have never had an iPhone 4S and have never registered an account with Ring before.

I tried phoning customer services but they are closed for the day.

I have seen other people mention this same problem. Anybody know how big a security risk this is?

Thanks Solar.
Yes I enabled 2 factor authentication and hopefully this will. sort it.

I googled this and someone else reported this same problem with Ring in 2019, the year my email address had an iPhone registered to it with a different name.

It’s annoying to see this and I cannot get through to Ring customer services at the moment so doubly frustrating.

Hi @user21659. You will definitely want to follow up with our support team regarding the use of your email address on a Ring account that isn’t yours. If you’re outside of the United States, you can find all of our support numbers and the hours of operation here.

What do I do next and how do I access my account is that my username now I’m confused I need help

Hi @user22282. You’ve reached the Ring Community, which is our peer-to-peer forum where neighbors can interact with one another and ask questions about their Ring devices. Are you trying to sign into your Ring account via the Ring app or Ring.com? You will need to use your email address and password that you created when you first signed up for your Ring account. :slight_smile: