Ring says doorbell and chime are offline, but they aren’t?

The Ring app says that my new Ring video doorbell and chime are both offline. However, it is passing notifications when the doorbell button is pressed or when motion is detected, snd the doorbell chimes, so they are certainly connected. But I cannot enable live view and some other functionality is disabled.

I have tried connecting the doorbell to my wifi network and to the Chime Pro and the issue persists with either. Reset router and Wi-Fi and that’s changed nothing either ?

The best next step is to check out your RSSI in the device health section of the Ring app, to ensure for optimal wifi signal. A poor wifi signal could cause your devices to not connect or show offline. Please also ensure there is not a VPN enabled on your mobile device. :slight_smile:

My Pro 2 is doing the same - its even updating the last known signal strength and device health as well. About to start a new thread as my wifi and power are good (-46 and 17V respectively) so no reason why this is happening.

It’s happened randomly before and has come back online on it’s own but lately, it’s happened twice in as many weeks. Last week, I understood as it was a weak wifi signal due to my router not passing the 2.4GHz signal to my repeater which is practically next to my doorbell. But as of this morning, its again offline but both the wifi and power are good (-46 and 17V respectively) so…why? This morning as my daughter left for school, it detected and passed the motion notification so I checked the app and it was back online, then 5 min later, it was back offline yet still capturing photos every three minutes and updating device health. What’s going on here Ring? No issues with my other devices, and never thought when I bought this back in the fall I’d have these offline issues. I’d prefer not to have to get another brand but its getting to that point.

Edit - daughter came home, detected the motion, went online for a few min, now back offline. Ring - could this have something to do with the upgrade to Android 12 over the weekend as well as a recent app update? Please advise

Hi neighbors! Try out the suggestion shared in this Community thread to update the Ring app, and even your mobile device if needed.

As you mentioned using android, please also check for any android apps that conflict with the Ring app. If possible, try out another mobile device to see if this concern persists.