Ring Ring Alarm pro poor internet speed

I’ve got poor Wi-Fi and internet after installing Ring Alarm Pro. It’s like being on dialup.
Speed 241 down 6 up.
I’ve been on support with Eero since purchasing the ring alarm pro in July they can’t help me at all.
I’ve tried everything from replacing ethernet cables and I’ve even had Comcast out.
nothing helps.
Hopefully someone can give me an idea because I’m going to put this thing in the trash

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Hi @Andy94555. The Ring Alarm Pro Base Station supports speeds up to 900Mbps. The maximum wireless signal rates are derived from IEEE 802.11 standard, and specifications assume wired Ethernet connection. Experienced speeds may vary based on network configuration. These coverage estimates are also based on normal use conditions, and the actual range and performance can vary due to factors such as interference, connected devices, device usage, building materials, and obstructions. You may need to move your router and the Ring Alarm Pro to a more central location. It’s also worth ensuring your router is current as an outdated router may not provide the speeds you should be getting based on your internet plan.

Exactly the same thing here. Just like being on dialup. I’ve replaced the base, replaced the ethernet cables, talked with tech support numerous times. Just plugged in an Eero 6+ and no base station and the wifi speeds are super fast! So the problem is the Ring Alarm Pro base station. Sucks - I bought this setup so I could have the alarm/monitoring.

Hi @user30627. Since you have other Eero devices, you might benefit from running a similar setup to this neighbor. I hope that helps out.