Ring response times

Hi, at the start of the year I decided to go the Ring route and purchased a Ring Video Doorbell Wired. Fitted it with no issues (other than those stupid tiny cable clips - I digress). Walk past the door and a Motion Detection goes off. Ring the bell and the video feed opens on both of my Echo Show 5s.

All sounds good?

Unfortunately not. All of the above is true but in a real life scenario we are finding that person comes through our gate (Where the Motion Sensor Area starts), walks up our path, in the case of the postman they put the post through the letterbox, then turn, go back down the path, an move on to the next house. Now we get the notification on the Echo Shows and other devices (Phones and some Echo Dots). If the person rings the doorbell we hear the external chime (in the doorbell unit), answer the door then it rings on our devices.

I can see that Ring has a great potential but unfortunately it’s not for me if in making my life easier it is in fact not helping at all and is giving me a lot of stress trying to fix it.

At the moment the £14 wireless doorbell I had previously seems a lot more useful than Ring as all of the good stuff from Ring doesn’t work fast enough. The most basic function I expect of a doorbell is for it to ring to notify me when someone is there. At the moment Ring isn’t doing this.

Has anyone got any suggestions on this before I return it?

I don’t know if it is relevant or not but most times we open the camera on the Shows we get a message saying “Waiting for Ring.com”, sometimes this will eventually load the camera feed, but a lot of times it just returns to the Home Screen.

Device Health
Transformer Voltage - Good
Signal Strength - RSSI-61
Network Name - x (This is a 2.4 Ghz spur from my Gigabit Lan. (Wan 70 Mbps Up, 20 Mbps Down)

Thanks in advance for any help.

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These are all the right steps to take for optimal and intended operation. Your motion detection or delivery of notifications certainly sounds delayed. This is often resolved through optimizing connection. The RSSI of -61 is an indicator of some interference, distance, or both. Check out our article about RSSI, for tips on improving.

Please note the RSSI in the Ring app is for only your Ring device, in which the other devices in question (Echo, mobile device, etc.) should also have a good wifi connection. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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@Marley_Ring I have purchased a new WiFi Extender which I have tested with my phone and has the full speed I would expect (70 Mbps up, 20Mbps down) on my line. I have positioned this on the wall next to where the door bell is and I now have an RSSI of -30. If I try to live view on my phone it is almost instant but notifications of Motion Detected or Someone ringing the bell are still taking 30 seconds plus on the Echo devices and the Phone (with Rapid Ring installed). If I wait for the alert and image to come up the person at the door has gone. If someone has decided to steal something from my garden they will be gone by the time I get the notification.

Both Echo devices are located in areas of very strong WiFi signal, so I know that they are connecting OK.

Also worth mentioning that on the Echo Shows I still get the ‘Waiting for Ring.Com’ message every time and more often than not it closes before the camera has loaded.

So basically from what I can see I have a basic doorbell that is supposed to do amazing things but in reality is just a doorbell, the amazing things come too late to be of any use.

I want this to work, but I am not prepared to waste my money. Have you got any other suggestions?

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Hi @b314a4e9631a3a1ab77b58e2bc6f78. Glad to hear that the wifi extender has helped improve the connection directly to your Ring Doorbell. You may want to try disabling and re-adding the Ring Skill in the Amazon Alexa App to reinitiate that connection. When someone rings the Doorbell, the Doorbell then alerts the Ring App which then alerts the Amazon Alexa App on. your Echo Shows in order to notify you and pull up that live stream. This is a lot happening all at once on your network, and other devices on your network may also cause interference which could explain the delay on the Echo Shows.

It really seems that the real problem with delayed notifications is that Rings system really sucks. You people continuously try to put lipstick on this pig. Just fix your crummy system!