Ring rejecting legitimate posts

A couple of nights ago, at a little after 1am, an old truck started driving to the end of my dead end street, the drove by my house 3 times, then backed up and sat in front of my driveway. They started taking pictures of my house, driveway, and side entrance. This is the second time they have done so, and I decided that I should make a post to warn others.

Apparently Ring does not consider casing a house at after 1am, and taking unauthorized pictures of my property to be a valid security concern.

My posts have been continuously rejected even after appeal, is this typical behavior from Ring? If so, it sounds like it might be a good idea to start looking at alternative systems. I’m not comfortable using a product that recently had a mass outage and now appears to be protecting illegal activity in the early hours of the morning.

Neighbors have had things stolen from their yards, vehicles and garages constantly in the last couple of weeks - and these guys are likely the same group going house to house. This could have been prevented if I was able to post details and communicate with the neighbors app, but that no longer appears to be an option.

Unfortunately, Ring Neighborhood, has become more “PC” in the sense that the person has the benefit of the doubt and though you are 99% sure they were up to no good.
Also, the fact that they never entered your yard and were on the public street also likely came into play as in a sense they were being creepy but not doing anything illegal. As long as they were only taking pictures of the outside of your house and yard, and not through the windows then they weren’t breaking the laws in most locations.
Were they illegal? Likely not. Suspicious? Absolutely.
But Ring now defers to the legal/illegal aspect and people can be suspicious without actually breaking the law.
It sucks, and is why I never visit the Neighborhood anymore.

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Seems that way unfortunately, it makes it extremely difficult to deter this group from pillaging the neighborhood since none of us can communicate when we see them casing houses. It was convenient to be able to share videos directly from the app. I’ll have to download them and edit them to upload elsewhere.