Ring Range Extender Zwave Reset Problem

Hello, I’m having problems resetting my range extender, setting up the alarm I was unable to connect the range extender, and I’m unable to perform a soft or hard reset, any Idea of how to solve this ?? Thanks

Hey @ DanielRomero! Have you attempted to remove the device from your system and re-add it, and then see if it sets up? If it’s still unable to setup after re-adding it, it would be best to reach out to our support team at 1-800-656-1918!

Good morning Chelsea,

Yes Il try that and doesn’t work, the only way to make it work was resetting the Zwave network and start the process from Zero .

Everything started to work perfectly.

Do you have any Idea who can I contact to request support for the Alarm in my Country?? I’m able to give permission o use my system for testing, is working wonderfully, I’m just worried to lose the APP usage , I have no problem for the Monthly Fee

@DanielRomero Glad that worked! For support, at this time, we are only available and supported in the US, parts of Canada and the UK. If you are outside of this area, we will be unable to support you, so you can utilize other resources such as our Help Center. Calling at our toll free number can help you get assistance you need, when you need it, as they are 24/7!

Thanks Chelsea,

Everything is working fine.


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Hi @danielromero. I am having the same problem with my range extender. How did you “reset the Z-wave network” please? I couldn’t find instructions for that anywhere.

Hello ,
First off all don’t give up, after you solve you will love it ,.

The only way I figured to solve the issue is don a full network reset on the app, them start again sensor by sensor , I recommend you to start with the Extenders .

Have fun and don’t hesitate to contact back