Ring Range Extender is not showing up in app

Ring Range Extender Signal Booster for Ring Alarm Extender. IT is not in thee set-up device menu like the instructions say. I am trying to connect it to an indoor camera that is in our garage.

Hi @user56198. The Range Extender is not a WiFi extender. It is a Z-Wave extender intended only for Ring Alarm accessories that operate off of Z-Wave signal. A Range Extender will not improve the Indoor Cameras signal. For that, you’ll need a Chime Pro.

Ring range extender not showing up in my app either.

Hi @user78980. Ok, if you would like some assistance with this, please share some additional information. Do you have a Ring Alarm? What troubleshooting steps have you tried? Has the Range Extender been setup? This will help us better understand your concern.

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