Ring Quick Release Battery Charging Station | One side not working (pins misaligned)

Brief Description

Left side of my charger does not work, the pin alignment does not match the right side.

Full Description

I recently purchases a dual slot ring quick release battery charging station from the ring website and it appears as though the left side’s pins are not correctly aligned. I have noticed that the right side charges batteries as normal but the left side does not charge anything. I have confirmed the left slot is not charging from both the LED indicator lights not being lit as well as no progress to charging a battery left overnight.

Testing already completed

  • Using original power supply and cable from the provided box
  • Using both an original battery with a ring 2 doorbell and a replacement also purchased on the ring website
  • Using a combination of 1 or two of the batteries mentioned above slotted.

Image of inside the charger

My request for assistance

I would like to contact the store support but it was difficult to find any kind of contact information from the order page. It simply had a chat bot which fed me help guides and a contact number, neither of which are free and one being barred by my telecoms company.
I would really appreciate an easy method of communication with either store or technical support on the matter, preferably one with won’t charge me for being stuck on hold.
I feel this is a genuine fault with the product but if you are able to inform me otherwise, that would also be appreciated.


So, instead of following the support guidance through the help pages, you can instead find the contact us page which includes an 0808 number, which should be free with most providers (do double check). Annoying this wasn’t displayed prominantly during the help flow from the support page but I appreciate it is here nonetheless.

See the two phone numbers example here:
It does seem the would rather you use the free phone option, as that is the one with the mobile deep link to open your smartphones calling app.
If anyone wanted this, you can call this number from the page I linked above.

Support were very helpful and since I had images of proof of damage, they captured the serial number of my unit and was able to send out a replacement for me to use, free of charge. Now just awaiting arrival of the new unit but I expect everything to be in order. Many thanks out to the ring support team, and make sure you contact them on the free phone number!

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