Ring Quality and Future

I’ve been a Ring user since the beginning (I have 7 devices). I have perfect WIFI (Google Mesh) and all RSSI Signal strengths in the high 30’s. It was only building the Mesh network (at a cost of $1000) that finally got the signal strength needed for no-delays or choppiness. Ring WIFI recievers require near perfect signal and close proximity!

Anyway, I have 3 questions;

  1. WHilst RING cameras are HD, the picture frame size makes zooming too pixelated You can’t make out a car plate from 15ft away or a moving face :frowning: When is Ring going to match some of the better qulity cameras on the market at half-the-price. I’m so frustated with quality now I even have the highest speed WIFI.

  2. POE (power over ethernet) is the best way to eliminate batteries and poor wifi signals (12v over 300ft of cat 5/6 cable so cheap and safe. When is Ring going to support or provide more than just one camera to support this technology. Or better still, offer 12v to “camera” kits for ALL Ring camera devices!

  3. Why do some cameras have great motion configuration (custom zones) and the rest have useless levels (triggered by sunlight/clouds/rain). We’ve had to tone down our zone settings so much that it now misses real events too.