Ring Protect Trial

Hi… Mike in Mass here, western mass that is. Just installed ring wired 2021 doorbell and it’s working except I’m confused about the 30 day free trial. Says my free trial expired and I just got it yesterday and installed this afternoon. So I just went out to pick up my granddaughter and wanted to see the video of me leaving and coming back, but it says the 30 days is over? I bought it on Amazon and it’s a factory refurb with full warranty. As I was setting it up it reminded me I have a 30 day free trial period. So what gives?

Hi @MikeInMass. All new Ring devices come with a 30 day free trial of the Ring Protect Plan. This starts the moment the device is setup in your Ring app. I suggest logging into Ring.com to view your current Ring Protect Plan status. This page here has some great information about our Ring Protect Plans. Let me know if this helps!