Ring Protect Pro - I do not want this

Buried in a recent email:
“You’ll continue to have access to Ring Protect Plus (1st Gen) until your next subscription renewal after January 1, 2025, at that time, any Protect Plus (1st Gen) plans you have will be automatically migrated to the Ring Protect Pro Plan.” Missing info: it’s $20 per month instead of 10!

I do not want any of the features offered in this plan (at double the price.). Seems I don’t have a choice though.

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I totally agree with you. None of the additional “features” are of any interest to me.

  1. Backup internet would require us to purchase new hardware. The speed would probably be painfully slow, and it would depend on how strong the signal is at the house. Definitely not worth an extra $100/yr.
  2. What in the world is eero secure?! Its just another Amazon company trying to track me…
  3. I dont have Alexa because I don’t want Amazon or any other company listening or tracking our every move any more than we already forced to just to have a cell phone and internet access.

So, it’s pretty clear that Amazon is trying to force us into let them track us even more than they already do. Buying Ring was probably part of their plan to take over every aspect of our lives (e.g., Amazon in healthcare?!).

I hope between now and 2025, they allow us to stay on something like Protect Plus at less than double the current price… or maybe by then there will be more competitors in the space to give us some options…

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Haha… I came here to complain about the same. I picked my security, video, and internet redundancy due to certain factors. I specifically went with the Ring system due to the affordable price of monitoring. If you are going to increase the price, I’m more interested in you integrating more zwave devices with the network. If you want to increase the cost, I can use just my POE cameras and go back to Vera, which is actually $0.05 cheaper a month. I’ll keep the $100/yr plan until I’m forced off. Then I won’t be using Ring. I sure as heck won’t let Amazon put a router in my house. There’s a reason I vLAN the IoT devices in my house.

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Total crap - bait and switch. Looks at Simplisafe. all of this for free! Can replace for $300 - Ring - you are going to lose customers!!! And I’m now shopping! Bait and switch!! 3G is going away and the issue is they can’t update the cellular backup modem - But Simplisafe can…better product…time to shop.

I hope we’re not losing features if we still with the 1st Gen plan? According to this page, the 24/7 monitoring and cellular backup aren’t part of the Ring Protect Plus plan … I assume that that 1st Gen plan still includes these through 2025?

General Information on Ring Protect Subscription Plans – Ring Help

Also, is it not possible to switch from monthly to an annual plan for the 1st Gen?

What bait and switch? Please point to a document/URL of something that Ring said that they would keep the same devices and pricing forever? You think other companies don’t raise their prices too?
I’m not overly happy about the old base station being made obsolete in 2025 (I hate wasteful electronics). As that time approaches, I’ll reevaluate my households use of Ring devices.

It does feel like bait and switch to me. Like others, I spent quite a bit of time evaluating the options and considering how it would fit in with the rest of my home systems. The bundled pricing of $100 was big part of the decision to go with Ring Alarm. While I would not have been surprised with perhaps some price increases, doubling in price with no added value seems excessive.

The communication lacks transparency, like other Ring management choices (e.g., sharing our data with Facebook and Google without our knowledge). The body of the email says that NOTHING will change, but then you have to read the footnote to see that in fact it will double in price with no added value (big change!). I didn’t receive the email until yesterday, which was the day that it went into effect. There was a posting on the community from someone who just bought the Ring Alarm system based on the $100 pricing but hadn’t yet installed yet, so it sounds like they are screwed…

Ring Alarm has only been out for a few years, and the first year or so was extremely buggy–basically just using customers as beta testers. And there were empty promises of future compatibility with third party vendors that are clearly never going to happen at this point.

And Ring has already reduced quietly some of the offerings, without notification. It used to store videos for 6 months, and then one day, I noticed that there was a setting on the app to choose storage time for only a maximum of 60 days. Not a huge deal for me, but I would have expected some warning or notification from Ring before they did this in case I wanted to download videos before Ring deleted them.

While Arlo has its own issues, at least they are still honoring (for now) the 7 days free video storage for its older products…

Now I know not to add any more Ring products to my setup.

So yeah, feelings of bait and switch (definitely does not convey any sense of trust and integrity)…

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I don’t see any advantages to being involuntarily switched to a Ring Protect Pro plan.

There definitely appear to be a number of disadvantages, however.

For example, one would assume that Ring customers who are tech-savvy (and/or privacy-savvy) would refuse to install a router that was chosen/provided by Ring (or its parent company).

At least you guys have the option, I am aussie and we are getting switched as well but don’t get anything other the cameras and door bell here, no alarms no nothing. I am just switching to swann most likely, at least there i can store my own footage

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I have two additional floodlight cams that I bought and they will be the last Ring purchases I make. $20 per month is not worth it - this, along with privacy issues from Amazon, limited Zwave device integration, no glass break sensor and I can’t see a reason to continue with Ring in the long term. I mean just doubling the price of the plan is just not acceptable.

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You can find all of the details and information on what the Protect Pro plan entails here in our Help Center article. If you are currently subscribed to the Ring Protect Plus plan and you’re wondering what happens to your plan, you can read about that here. It’s important to note that the Ring Protect Pro plan only applies to our neighbors in the U.S. as well, so neighbors in other regions will not have any change to their plans.

Finally, if you want to see a comparison of all our plans side-by-side, you can find that listed out in this article. The resources I linked should help answer any questions you have, but you can always give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here if you have any further concerns about your account or plan. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support. :slight_smile:

I was not aware that you all did this bait and switch tactic. What a crappy thing to do. Had I known I would not have purchases the last two cameras and now I can’t add it to my legacy 1St gen plan. I am seeking a class action law suit and I hope others will join me. This was poor planning. I am sure you will continue these same tactics every year. Ridiculous. And to think I have been telling people how great a product. What a joke.

No bait and switch involved. When the price of a gallon of milk goes up at your local store do you threaten them with lawsuits for daring to increase their prices?
The price will go up in 2025 and if you don’t want to pay it then your Protect plan will be at an end. There never was any promise of a lifetime price for Ring Protect.